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I have experienced many positive benefits since working out at Haag Gym.  Darren has taught me the importance of a healthy balanced diet as well as the benefits of strength training.  Darren is also flexible and accommodating with his schedule.  Darren truly cares about his clients and provides them with the tools they need to succeed.

Robin Hoffman - Black River Falls, WI

I came to Haag gym a year and a half ago at age 59.  I have always been aerobically active but had never weight trained.  My upper body strength and muscle tone was disappearing with age.   So I decided to embark on this new adventure in weight training without knowing anything about it.  i was a little apprehensive but Darren welcomed me in and over time taught me the safe, correct way to train.  He has encouraged me every step of the way.  I have lost weight while building muscle and strength.  I have found a renewed sense of me!

Sharon Laufenberg - Black River Falls, WI

I have trained with Darren Intermittently for 2.5 years and believe his methods work. Darren recognizes it is difficult for people to walk through his door as well as follow through with the plan you work out together. He works with you to be a success as a person first and to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. At times he believes in you more than you and it is nice and reassuring to know someone is supporting you. I have lost weight and feel better going to HAAG GYM but more importantly, I am a better person and have a greater insight of myself because of Darren.

Kathleen Frohrip - Black River Falls, WI

Three and a half years ago I attended a fundraising event and participated in a silent auction donation from Haag Gym for personal fitness training. That experience has literally changed my life.   I have been active my entire life  but always struggled with my weight.  I was of the mindset that if I ran more quickly, attended more group aerobic classes, that I would lose the excess pounds... that never happened.

The more I exercised the more hungry I got because I was not eating a balanced diet. Darren was patient, kind and worked with me in my strength training and on my diet.  He helped me to gain a completely different perspective and approach to health and wellness and long term success. As time passed, lifting became more of an integral part of my life.  I crave working out and look forward to lifting 5 days per week. My metabolism and strength began to change and I was able to accomplish so much more in all phases of my life as each and every day passed.

Today my goal is to lift 6 days per week and do cardio a minimum of 3 days per week, 30 minutes per day.  I crave clean, healthy foods and realize now that there is a clear defined link between exercise, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. Darren provided the motivation and instilled my desire to set and attain goals and reset those goals , all the while improving my overall health and wellness. I will continue to lift the remainder of my life, it is what I do, all thanks to my personal fitness trainer.

Kay Finch - Black River Falls, Wi

Haag Gym was a step on my path to becoming the butterfly that I am. When I came to Haag gym I was a few pounds over weight and wasn’t taking the best care of myself, which caused me to feel insecure.

 In high school I was very active and athletic, and kept it up moderately through college, but the pounds slowly crept on as stress eating and drinking became coping mechanisms to handle all of the pressure I was under. Ultimately, all of the stress took a huge toll on me and I fell into a depression and had a negative view on life.

I was lucky enough to be able to come home and take some time to find myself in an environment that I knew, and I was drawn to doing a lot of yoga and checking out Haag Gym because I knew that needed to get myself back in gear. I made the courageous decision to call Haag Gym and inquire about personal training.

Darren Haag is a very knowledgeable trainer who is passionate about all areas of his life including his huskies, deer hunting, canoeing, nature, eating a balanced diet, and of course, weight lifting. His example was a step in the right direction in helping me to find passion and determination that I already had within myself. Through personal training at Haag Gym, I now have the physical and mental strength that I have always wanted, and I’ve realized that there truly are no limits to who I can be. I am thankful that Haag Gym brought out my inner power and confidence so I can be more of who I am every day. Thanks Haag Gym!

Kelsey Jo Olsen  - Black River Falls, Wi

I came to Haag Gym looking for a trainer and coach to help me compete in a bodybuilding competition. I heard that Darren had years of experience competing in Natural Bodybuilding.

I’ve trained with weights and worked on a clean diet on my own for a few years prior. But now I needed help taking the next step. A goal of mine for years has been to compete in bodybuilding.

Let me tell you…..Darren was by far the correct person for the job. Every day for 18 weeks he set me up with my daily training and food schedule. If you’re not aware, competitive diet and training is very taxing on the body and mind. Whenever I thought things weren’t going well, I would talk to Darren and he would pick me back up with positive feedback and assure me that we were still on track.

Because of Darren, I was able to compete in my very first bodybuilding show at the age of 38 and take home a second place trophy. I couldn’t have been happier. No matter what you’re looking for: diet, weight training, or a combination of both, I guarantee Darren can help you. All you need is positive thinking and determination.

Jason Mlsna  - Holmen, Wi

If you can dream it, and believe it, Haag Gym will help you achieve it!

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